After the increasing wave of hoverboard incidents, Amazon had removed virtually all the units from its marketplace and the truth is that until recently nobody really knew what exactly could make a safe or unsafe, however, everything seemed to point at the charger and battery’s quality, and that is why some manufacturers and merchants have made the wise move to have their units certified by UL.

Until recently the Consumer Product Safety Commission had stated that no hoverboard on the market could be considered safe, and this was because the origin and manufacturing standards of the hundreds of brands out there could not really be verified, nor could they prove that they meet UL safety requirements.

UPDATE: UL (the company that certifies safety of electric devices) has started issuing certifications to a few manufacturers, thus Amazon and other online stores have started offering self balancing scooters and hoverboards again.

Now that some sellers and manufacturers are offering certified units, you must exercise caution not only at the time of making your purchase, but also at the time of charging and using your hoverboard. Do not overcharge it or leave plugged in overnight or unsupervised near flammable materials.

Now for the fun part, can you find self balancing scooters under $400 now?

Before all the bad press started to happen you could easily find a set of these wheels for as low as $200, and this was possible because there were units available everywhere with questionable manufacturing and safety standards which allowed for very low prices on some of them.

But at this at this point the best thing to do is to buy only UL certified scooters that of course, will be within the $350-$400 range.

We have narrowed down the UL listed or certified hoverboard scooters that meet all the criteria we share below and are being sold under $400. Click below to access the list:

Here are some useful tips to increase your chances of a trouble free purchase: UL Certified, Warranty, Samsung battery, 220 pounds maximum load and shipped from the USA.

Be safe and enjoy the ride!

Hoverboards Self Balancing Scooters Under $300

After the increasing wave of hoverboard incidents, only a few brands that meet Amazon's required safety standards have been allowed to keep selling their hoverboards at the marketplace, leaving mostly expensive options for purchase.

However, if you dig deeper in you search you can still find compliant hoverboards under $300, with all the features you should be looking for in a self balancing , such as: Warranty, Samsung battery, 260 pounds maximum load, 1000 watts motors and shipped from the USA.

We have narrowed down a list of compliant hoverboard scooters that meet all these requirements and are sold under $300.

Click on the link above to see them now.