Buy a Hoverboard That Will Not Catch Fire

As you may have probably heard, there have been several reports in major news media outlets regarding mini segways or hoverboards which have been the cause of fires, one of them even taking down a whole house.

According to some of those reports, the hoverboards self balancing scooters simply burst into flames while charging raising questions about the quality of the batteries and chargers.

However, the actual cause of these incidents still is not clear, thus the best way to make sure you enjoy a pleasant experience with your hoverboard or mini segway is to exercise caution and take into consideration several “rules” that while not a 100% guarantee of a problem free purchase, will certainly reduce the chances of having issues with your unit.Due safety concerns, Amazon has removed or suspended virtually all hoverboard listings. Also, the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has issued a statement declaring all hoverboards unsafe unless they meet “…referenced standards and requirements contained in UL 2272 – Outline of Investigation for Electrical Systems for Self – balancing Scooters”

UPDATE: UL (the company that certifies safety of electric devices) has started issuing certifications to a few manufacturers, thus Amazon and other online stores have started offering self balancing scooters and hoverboards again.

Does this mean you should stay away from self balancing scooters?

Well, if you want to stay 100% safe, it may be a good idea to do so until there is full certainty that these devices are being manufactured and tested properly to meet the UL certification requirements.

But if you still feel an irresistible urge to get one of these fun rides, then you must exercise all the caution you can possibly summon to reduce any chances of a faulty unit. So, although there is no definitive guide to make sure that your self balancing scooter or hoverboard will be flawless, here are some tips to put the odds in your favor:

Buy your Hoverboard from a Reputable Seller Located in the US

The fact that you have a company with presence in the United States is always a plus when it comes to purchasing devices with the potential for malfunction.

First of all, a top rated seller is more likely to make sure that the products being sold to his/her customers are of high quality, given that doing otherwise would affect those hard earned ratings. Therefore, there is a greater chance that a top rated seller will stock up with quality products instead of merchandise sold by shady manufacturers.

Secondly, a top rated seller will usually stand by his/her customers and offer a solution should anything go wrong. This means that you will enjoy a hassle free return or exchange in case your mini segway is not working properly.

But the next thing you must consider is the company behind the product being sold, because even though having the seller in your own backyard is an advantage and one element to help your peace of mind, it may not be enough given that he/she will not be responsible for manufacturing defects.

Instead, it will be the company who owns the brand the one to come in and take responsibility for the quality of the product. This is when buying a product branded and supported by a US company plays a part reducing the chances of your purchase being plagued by problems or malfunctions.

You can use our search filters to make sure that you are buying from a seller located in the USA and that your mini segway or hoverboard is backed by a company in the United States.

Buy a Mini Segway Hoverboard that Comes with a Samsung or LG Battery

This piece of advice has always been at the top of our list, given that in this kind of device the battery is a key component where you should not be looking to save a buck or two.

With the new threat of fire casting a shadow over the mini segway hoverboard scene, and with some speculating that the cause of the incidents have to do with poor quality of the lithium batteries in the units that exploded, it is definitely wise to make sure that you unit is powered by the best possible battery.

This is something that is likely to reduce not only the chances of a fire hazard, but ultimately ensure longer hours of enjoyment and extended life of your hoverboard.

With our search filters you can easily single out which mini segway hoverboards come with an LG or Samsung battery.

Make Sure the Unit us UL Certified

Inquire with the seller if the units are UL certified and ask for all the information they can give you to prove that they are meeting the “…referenced standards and requirements contained in UL 2272 – Outline of Investigation for Electrical Systems for Self – balancing Scooters” as indicated by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC).

Prefer a Mini Segway Hoverboard with Warranty

Most listing at Amazon do not mention if the unit is backed by a manufacturer’s warranty, so it is really important to make sure that the seller offers one as part of the features and selling points of the unit, given that this is a sign of quality and also an important advantage at the time of dealing with a malfunction of the product.

This is another option that we have added to our search filters so you can easily choose a mini segway or hoverboard that is backed by a warranty.

Look for the Right Price

You have many people all over the internet claiming they have purchased their mini segway for less than $200, but as it turns out, when something is too good to be true it usually is.

Based on our research, the sweet spot for the price of a hoverboard is between $350 and $600. Anything below that range may be a bit of a gamble, and anything above it may be overpriced depending on the brand.

Therefore, do not focus only on price savings but rather on features and support, given that low quality can result in a big disappointment, not to mention a fire hazard.

Use our filters to find the right price and ensure your peace of mind knowing that you are buying the right product at the right price.

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