Mini Segway Scooter – What You Need To Know

Mini segways, also called self balancing electric scooters or hoverboards, are usually powered by two motors of 250 watts each. You can however, find mini segways with higher power motors that will usually be a little more expensive.

The truth is that the power of the motors will not make a big difference in terms of functionality, as the 250 watts motors will do basically the same as the more powerful versions. The difference will be in the performance and speed, which means that unless you intend to enter a hoverboard race you should be fine with the regular motors.

I will not deny that the faster you can go the more fun it can be, but keep in mind that you are basically “floating” on your hoverboard with nothing to hold on to should anything go wrong. It is ultimately up to you whether you simply want to go for a nice quiet ride or you want to squeeze some adrenaline off your mini segway.

Another thing to consider is the maximum load of the unit, because you will find some self balancing scooters that can take up to 140 pounds, while others can take up to 220 pounds and 260 pounds,, which means that the load capacity is definitely one of the main aspects to consider at the time of choosing and buying a self balancing electric scooter.

The highest load capacity mini segways tend to be a little pricier, yet the difference will not break the bank. But if you choose the wrong load capacity for your hoverboard, then it may be your mini segway breaking down and costing you a new purchase to replace it.

Therefore, be very careful to buy your mini segway from reputable sellers that clearly state the specs on the unit so you can be sure that you are getting a self balancing scooter capable of carrying your weight.

A good price one of of these mini segways is between $250 to $400 for one unit shipped and sold by a US seller backed by a 1 year warranty. You can find mini segways or self balancing scooters under $300 but you will likely be dealing with a seller from China with no warranty and likely none or little chance of a return in case anything is wrong with the unit.

The size of the wheels is also a factor to consider, because the bigger wheels will make the ride smoother and also enable the scooter to roll easier over rough terrain, curbs and other obstacles.

As stated on our buying guide, you can basically find three wheel sizes: 6.5, 8 and 10 inch wheels. The 8 inch wheel seems to be the best choice, given that it will enable you to go through rougher terrain without having to worry about a deflated tire, because yes, the 10 inch wheels need air and several reviewers at sites like Amazon have voiced problems with the wheels losing air or getting damaged.

The next thing to consider is the battery. All scooters come with lithium batteries but only a few will be powered by Samsun or LG battery. Needless to say that a quality battery is crucial in a device like this, because once it dies your unit is basically dead. Having a top of the line battery from any of these renowned manufacturers will guarantee a longer life for your mini segway, so it will be worth paying a little more to enjoy a unit that comes with a Samsung or LG battery under the hood.

We have put together a shortlist of the best mini segways sold by top rated sellers in the US, most which come with a Samsung or LG battery and warranty, so you can make the best purchase at the best price with the assurance that you are getting the best value for your money.

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