Mini Segway Hoverboard Self Balancing Scooter Buying Tips

If you have been shopping for a mini-segway, hoverboard or a self balancing scooter, by now you have surely noticed that no matter the brand or the store you go to, they all look essentially the same.

So how do you know which hoverboard you should buy?

There are some brands such as IO Hawk, PhunkeeDuck and MonoRover R2, all claiming to be the real deal, however, it is hard to see the any real difference between them and all the other mini-segways, hoverboards or self balancing scooters, so what we will do to set them apart is to look at the specs and features that will ultimately make your purchase the best decision.

So without further ado, here is the list of things you should look for to ensure that you are getting your hands on the best hoverboard, mini-segway or self balancing scooter.

1. Weight Limit

The hoverboars look all the same, but they are not the same when it comes to the amount weight they can carry. One of the things you have to look for is the maximum weight that the particular self balancing scooter you are considering can take, otherwise, it may break down under you after a few rides, or may not even be rideable for you at all.

Most of the self balancing scooters can take up to 220 pounds (100 Kg), which is not much if you are a little chubby or simply a tall and heavy adult. Therefore, you can also find some models that will take up to 260 pounds (120 Kg), which will be able to support your weight if you happen to go beyond the 220 pound limit.

If you are purchasing your hoverboard or mini-segway for a kid or you weigh less than 220 pounds then this will not be an issue for you, however, it is always best to have weight capacity to spare just in case, so if you can get the 260 pound mini-segway, hoverboard or self balancing scooter at the same price, then you should go for it.

2. Wheel Size

There are basically three wheel sizes for the hoverboard or self balancing scooter: 6.5 inch, 8 inch and 10 inch wheels.

Wheel size will make no big difference in terms of how the hoverboard works, as all of them will roll and perform similarly no matter how big the wheel, however, there will be a noticeable difference in the way the hoverboard performs, particularly in uneven surfaces.

The larger wheels will, first of all, give you a more comfortable ride; but the real benefit comes when you have to go on sidewalk bumps, curb cuts and cracks, where you will be able to keep riding without any problems. Not only that, your spine and knees will thank you for the larger wheels.

One downside of the larger wheels is that the hoverboard can feel a bit less responsive on turns and reverse moves, but in my opinion the difference is not such to justify giving up a more comfortable ride as well as the ability to cruise on almost any surface.

The bottom line is that if you will be using your mini-segway in anything other than smooth indoor surfaces, the larger wheels will definitely be the better choice for you.

In most cases an 8 inch wheel will be enough, but if you really want to go big then you can try the 10 inch wheeled hoverboard.

3. The Battery

When you go to Amazon and shop for a mini-segway or hoverboard, you will find many listing that really do not mention much about the specs of the device they are selling, probably because they do not have a clue regarding what is under the hood of the hoverboards they have listed, as many sellers just import or send this from China assuming they are all the same. However, you will find a handful of sellers that do mention the Samsung battery as one of the distinctive features that should make you choose their product over others.

The reason some sellers like to highlight the battery, is the fact that the Samsung battery, being a quality brand, charges faster, runs longer and lasts longer than the others, so it is definitely an added benefit if you can find a hoverboard that includes one of these babys under the hood.

4. Where does the hoverboard ship from?

The first very important thing to consider is the shipping origin of your order, because as with any device, and particularly one that relies on a rather complex technology to work properly, things can go wrong and if you ordered your hoverboard from a country outside the US you may find yourself with a non-working hoverboard that you cannot return, or even if you can, the cost may be significant.

My advice is to buy yours from a US sellers who has the hoverboard or self balancing scooter in stock, in the USA. This way you not only ensure that you can easily return or exchange the hoverboard should anything be wrong with it, but you also get to receive your order a lot faster, because through a US seller you will usually get your mini-segway within 7 days or so, whereas a shipment from China will take a month if not longer.

5. The Seller’s Rating

As obvious as it may seem, one key piece of advice I want to give you is: always buy from top rated sellers.

Sometimes the excitement of finding what we are looking for at the right price leads us to click on the “add to cart” button and checkout without really looking at the details of the seller, particularly its ratings which are not always in a conspicuous location on the page.

This is really important because the seller’s reputation will guarantee your peace of mind should you have the need to return or exchange the hoverboard. Good sellers will always put customer service first, so chances are you will not have a problem if you deal with a top rated seller.

That is why as part of the research we have done to find the best self balancing scooter available for purchase, we have weed out the top rated sellers from those who have low ratings or none, so you can easily filter them without having to waste time looking at each listing to find its reputation, thus ensuring you not only get the best hoverboard, mini-segway or self balancing scooter, but that you get it in a timely fashion and with the support you need to enjoy it without having to worry about anything.

6. Use Our Filtering Options to Save Time and Money

When you set out to shop for a self balancing scooter, you usually have to dig through the description of each listing, one by one, to find all the features relevant to your purchase, however, if you go to our listings of the different hoverboard options available, you will be able to filter the results by weight limit, wheel size, battery type, price, shipping origin and seller rating. That way, you will not have to go to Amazon or any other store and waste valuable time looking at each listing one by one in order to find the features you want. We have done all the work for you so you can shop for the right self balancing scooter fast, and at the right price!

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