Top Picks of Hoverboardway – We Have Our Winners!

As part of our ongoing research for the best mini-segway hoverboard scooter, we are always checking which sellers offer the best features at the best price.

Our top picks are nor necessarily the cheapest self balancing scooters, but rather the ones that offer the best features to ensure you will enjoy your new mini-segway for a long time.

We focus on value rather than price, given that the lowest price is not always the best buy as it will all depend on the value you are getting.

Therefore, we have selected our top picks based on these key value points:

1. Samsung or LG Battery

This battery offers superior quality and durability, and since this is one key components of the mini-sewgay, having the best of the best is really worth it.

2. US Based Seller

This is going to ensure your peace of mind and spare you the traumatic experience of having to deal with a return or exchange with a seller abroad, which not only tends to be a hassle but also expensive.

3. Warranty

When you set out to buy a hoverboard or mini-segway, you will find hundreds of sellers out there, but just a handful of them offer warranty. Having a warranty is a big plus because believe it or not sometimes things do go wrong with these scooters, and if you happen to be one of the “lucky” ones receiving a malfunctioning unit, having it backed by a manufacturers warranty will save you a lot of headaches.

4. Price

As we said before, price is not everything when it comes to buying a self balancing scooter, however, if you can find a unit that offers everything at a lower price then you have a winner and the best value! All the mini-segways in our top picks are in the 300$ to 400$ price range.

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